Sometimes, we scream

Sometimes we Scream .jpg
Sometimes we Scream .jpg

Sometimes, we scream


It’s easy to get really mad.

To yell or fuss, to pout when sad.

Emotions build and can’t get out, and fills us up until we shout.

We might find that we take this out, on those we care the most about.

When you’re at home or off to school.

How do you work to keep your cool.?


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The Chicken and Pickle series are more than just great stories.

These books are also filled with fun activities, thought-provoking worksheets and critical conversation topics that ignite a fire for social and emotional learning.

You can use this book to start conversations on; • Ways to identify frustration • Dealing with Anger • Being careful of what we say • Identifying anger in others • Being understanding • Addressing an issue • Identifying triggers